Legal Opus

Call for papers

The Research and Publication Unit is in charge of – Legal Opus. Legal Opus is a Peer Reviewed Annual Law Journal of our institution for enabling the academicians, legal professionals, activists, Judges, Jurists and students to publish their research papers. Legal Opus is a refereed Journal.

Research papers are invited for publication every year. Articles submitted for publication are subjected to Peer Review by a panel of experts comprising of pioneering jurists and eminent academicians acting as blind referees to ensure that the articles submitted for publication adhere to the minimum standard in terms of methodology, theory and content.

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  8. Legal Opus, No.8, October 2013
  9. Legal Opus, No.7, Nov.2012
  10. Legal Opus, No.6, Dec. 2011
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  12. Legal Opus, No. 4, Oct. 2009
  13. Legal Opus, No.3, Sept 2008
  14. Legal Opus, No.2, Dec. 2007
  15. Legal Opus, No.1, Jan. 2007