Corporate Club

Aims and Objectives of Corporate club:
The activities to be undertaken by the corporate club aims at achieving the overall development of the students in the modern corporate world.
-to improve the conduct and soft skills of the students.
-to create awareness regarding the functioning of business enterprises.
-to inculcate and imbibe organisational and managerial abilities in the students.
-to expose the students into the realities of the modern business world.
-to motivate students about entrepreneurship.
-to help budding entrepreneurs improve their personal skills towards the achievement of their goals.
-to show the students the working of a large scale industry.
-invite entrepreneurs and business tycoons to encourage and motivate the students.
-to provide the students with a platform to showcase their talents and skills.

Faculty in charge: Preksha V Mayadi
Secretary: Rajith HM
1. Vyshali Shenoy
2. Amrtha Prasad
3. Swathi Baliga
4. Neelamma

Event 1: Scintillate 2018 – A National level Management Fest
Date: 05-10-2018
Chief Guest : Renu Jayaram
Managing Director Jayadev Motozone
Founder of CraftsMantra
Founder President of POWER ( Platform Of Women Empowerment Registered)


Report of Ingenium 2021-intra college commerce fest

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