Research and Publication Unit

About the Unit:
Research and Publication Unit (RP Unit) was started in August, 2018 as an idea proposed by Dr. Gagan K. Due to the increasing need of research in the field of law, it was felt necessary to have a separate unit for the purpose of research and publication. The Unit has added into its ambit, the work of college Magazine – Pragati and SDM Law Bulletin. For the academic year 2018-2019, Dr. Gagan K is the faculty coordinator of the Unit. The logo of the RP Unit is created by our student Ms. Swathi Baliga.

What we do
Deal with potential issues associated with research and exchange tricks of the trade for better research experience. Encourage students to develop their research skills by providing avenues to do so through various activities. Provide academic support to legal aspirants. Provide possible mutual assistance

Our Sub Units
Our sub units are the avenues we have created to provide our students with the opportunities to build and develop on their skills in research and law so that they have a more holistic law school experience.

Sub-Units and their Heads
The Research Unit (Headed by Apoorva Chandra)
The Magazine Unit (Headed by Aditya D’Mello)
The Bulletin Unit (Headed by Liz Odella)

The Student Team
Abhyuday Muliya
Aditya Ryan Dmello
Akash Aithal
Apoorva Chandra
Aryashree Kunhambu
Liz Odella D’souza
Shwetha Pai
Swathi Baliga
Sakshith Shetty (Secretary)
Sathya Sagar Mithra
Vasuda Rao

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All news, events and updates relating to RP Unit can be found here.

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