Arbitration and Mediation Centre

The Arbitration and Mediation Centre was established in the college with the objective of furthering mechanisms of Alternate Dispute Resolution like Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and Negotiation. The center started operating in the year 2017 and has become a highly desired venue for most arbitrators and lawyers. Apart from being a venue for conducting arbitration proceedings the Centre also conducts training program in ADR techniques Trainers from Bangalore Mediation Centre and well trained arbitrators from the industry train the candidates who enroll for the same.

The center has conducted one such training program for a period of 70 hours.A program on Arbitration and Mediation was organized by the Centre in association with lions club on 23 February 2018. Ms. Sharika Rai is the faculty in charge of the Centre. Stephania Pinto is the student coordinator of the Centre.