Moot Court Society

This year the moot court society has an aim to equip and appraise the students in both presenting a case and preparing written submissions. The student should be well versed with the court etiquettes and disciplines. Society tries to enhance the researching skills of students and make sure that they know ‘how to research’, ‘where to research’, and ‘how to present’ a case.

The moot court society imparts the duty under the efficient leadership of

Mrs. Chandralekha, Faculty convener.
The student representatives are

  1. Mr. Ashwin Kutinha, student secretary
  2. Four coordinators 1. Ms. N Shwetha, 2. Ms. Hafsath Hanan, 3. Mr. Jithin Jejo

This year the SDM Moot Court Society is conducting different legal competitions. The first and foremost competition is ‘Intra-College Selection moot court competition’ and for the same the students will be categorized into two as ‘juniors and seniors’ and will be judged separately. Apart from oral submissions the participants are required to submit the memorials as written submission. A demo session for all the competitions either oral or written submission will be conducted.

The moot court society is presenting an ‘Intra college legal fest’ in the month of November 2018, and it consists of six varieties of competitions which includes “Bail petition, Legal drafting, Judgment writing, Law quiz, Negotiation and Client counseling”.

The SDM Moot court society is conducting its first ever “International Trade Law Moot Court Competition” in the month of March, 2019. Participants from different law colleges in India and outside will be competing for the same.

1. Demo moot court : 06.09.2018
2. Memorial session : 17.09.2018
3. Junior Selection Moot court competition : 22.09.2018
4. Senior Selection Moot court competition : 29.09.2018
5. Intra College Legal Fest Magister Juris : 13.11.2018 – 14.11.2018
6. International Trade Law Moot Court Competition : 14.03.2019 – 17.03.2019

Moot Court Society Activities Report


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