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Legal Aid is the prominent activity of the College which is in consonance with the College motto of ‘Dharmo Rakshithi Rakshitha’. The concept of legal aid has been recognized as being of fundamental importance by the Indian judiciary. The right to legal aid has been espoused as a basic right. The legal profession is expected to play a dynamic role in the administration of justice. Law Schools being the recruiting grounds for the legal profession, there is a need to inject new spirit into the content of legal education to make lawyers and legal professionals socially relevant and professionally competent to secure the constitutional mandate of access to justice

• to operate an independent, efficient and cost-effective legal aid service;
• to ensure that no one with reasonable grounds for taking or defending proceedings is prevented from doing so because of lack of means;
• to ensure that in the interests of justice, no one charged with a criminal offence or with reasonable grounds of appeal is deprived of legal representation because of lack of means; and
• to improve the quality and accessibility of legal aid services to the public while achieving maximum cost-effectiveness.

The various legal aid services which are rendered by our Free Legal Aid Cells are the following.
1. Legal Literacy Programs – The Cells organize Major Legal Literacy Programs wherein they invite resource persons (lawyers, government officials, police officers, elected representatives, members of Consumer Forums, experts etc) and organize a seminar/open forum for the people of the locality.
2. Legal Advice – Any person requiring legal assistance or advice in a matter can approach the free legal aid cells. Students in consultation with faculty/panel lawyers provide them with legal advice on the same.
3. Legal Representation – The students represent clients before quasi–judicial authorities like the Consumer Forum, where they are allowed to represent a client. This is done in accordance with the Consumer Clinic of the College. In matters where students are not permitted to represent, the clients are referred to the District legal Services Authority.
4. Para-Legal Services – The members of the Legal Aid Society render a number of Para-Legal aid services like assist in procuring senior citizens cards, krishi cards, ration cards, birth and death certificates, and drafting affidavits and filing such other documents as are required for obtaining benefits under the welfare schemes of the Government.
5. Alternate Dispute Resolution
6. Public Interest Litigation
7. Law Reform Etc.,

Mr. Karthik Anand  – Faculty Coordinator

Legal Aid Reports


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