Rules & Regulations


  1. Students are required to maintain the highest standard of behaviour and discipline both inside and outside the college.
  2. They shall strictly observe the disciplinary rules framed by the college or which may be framed from time to time. Non Compliance of these rules will be dealt by the Principal in the manner he considers fit and his decision will be final in such matters.
  3. Every student is expected to salute the members of the staff when he meets them on the first occasion for the day and treat the staff members with utmost respect and dignity.
  4. On the ring of the first bell, students shall assemble in the class rooms and wait silently for the Lecturer. On the Lecturer entering the class room student shall raise and remain standing till they are asked by the Lecturer to sit.
  5. No student shall enter the class or leave the class without the permission of the Lecturer.
  6. Students having no classes shall not loiter in the varandah but are expected to spend the time in the library.
  7. Every class is in-charge of a mentor who keeps a close watch on the student’s attendance, progress and conduct and looks after their general welfare.
  8. Irregular attendance, indifference in regard to class work tests and examination, discourtesy towards the teacher’s insubordination obscenity in work and act, wilful damage of college property, anti social activities etc., are liable for disciplinary action which include expulsion from the college.
  9. Attendance to the College functions, Association Meetings, College Assembly, Court Visit, Viva Voce etc., is obligatory to all students.
  10. The college property shall be handled with care and nothing shall be done to damage it. In case of damage to any building, furniture, apparatus or any other property of the College, the damage will be charged to the student or students known to be immediately concerned, but if the persons who caused the damage are unknown the cost of repairing it may be collected equally from the students in the college.
  11. Students must keep the class rooms and college premises clean and writing in the black-board, walls, affixing posters on the walls are strictly prohibited.
  12. Students who do not live with their parents or guardian must live in the Hostels or in lodging approved by the Principal.
  13. It is the express aim of the college to keep the students free from party or communal politics.
  14. Without the permission of the Principal, students shall not organise any activities or associate with any group not concerned with the college or Political organization.
  15. No meeting shall be convened, no person shall be invited to address the students, no publication shall be issued and no canvassing or mobilizing the students for any particular opinion or action will be allowed without the permission of the Principal.
  16. Participation in political agitation, or demonstrations or strike of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  17. Every student should possess an identity card issued by the college which should be produced whenever asked for, especially when dealing with the office and library.
  18. Books, umbrellas etc., should have name or mark by which the owner can be easily known. All stray or unclaimed property should be brought to the principal’s office.
  19. The College has built up a tradition of a homely informal atmosphere of freedom with responsibility, a close teacher pupil relationship, treating one another with love and respect. We are proud of our alumni who have set very good traditions. However, we lay down some norms of general conduct.
  20. There is nothing that can substitute for self discipline and a serious devotion to duty, a spirit of respect and love for all that is good, noble and beautiful in life. The college exhorts students to keep their vision high and solicit the co-operation of parents to help in minimising the necessity of enforcing rules and regulations, moral conviction and dependable self-discipline are as important as academic competence.
  21. Students are expected to be simple and modest in their dress and to follow the dress code prescribed by college strictly and to refrain from the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  22. Students may not give the college address for any personal correspondence. The college will not be held responsible for the loss of any letter, whatever is the nature of the correspondence. Letters to the Principal should be accompanied by reply postage whenever posted and reply is desired.
  23. The Students are expected to treat the College as their own and to cooperate in its efficient and smooth running.
  24. No students should organize any Tour, Picnics or any meeting of College students either in the college or outside the college, without the permission of the Principal.
  25. Boycotting classes, shouting slogans, obstructing fellow student to enter the classes will be viewed seriously.
  26. Student who is found to have committed any act of indiscipline liable to any of the punishments i) Warning ii) Censure iii) Fine iv) Cancellation of Scholarships/ Freeships etc., v) Recovery in part or full for the loss or damages to the College property or property of others caused by the delinquent students. vi) Removal, rustication or expulsion from the college vii) Withholding of certificate.
  27. Grant of admission to current students seeking admission to II year onwards is subject to review of their conduct in the College during the previous year by the Principal of the College.
  28. Students will have to follow the dress-code (Black Pant, White Shirt for Men / Women or Black & White Chudidhar for Ladies)
  29. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones or costly materials inside the premises of the College. If lost the College authorities are not responsible.
  30. Ragging in any form amounts to a serious offence punishable both under IPC and Expulsion of the student from the college.
  31. The punishments are liable to be inflicted summarily at the discretion of Principal whose decision will be final.
  32. Shortage of attendance will be viewed strictly as prescribed by the University.
  33. Students should compulsorily attend unit wise test.
  34. No personal parties can be arranged by the students in the campus.
  35. Students are not permitted to go on strike against the University without the written permission of the principal.
  36. Any grievances against the college or university should go through proper channel with knowledge of principal.
  37. Students should sit in an alert manner inside the class and not to sit with crossed legs.
  38. Students cannot air or mail their grievances against a teacher and any complaint should be in the written form and enquiry will be conducted and decision will be taken by the Principal.
  39. Students should compulsorily be present for all college functions and maintain utmost discipline.
  40. Students are not permitted to get up and go in the middle of the college functions.
  41. College will make no compromise in matters relating to discipline.
  42. Every student is bound to know the vision and mission of the college.

Every student should wear College Uniform regularly except on Saturday.