Parent Teacher Association/ Alumni Association

i) To involve parents who will work closely with the institution in implementing its vision and mission
ii) To ensure that parent members kept informed about the various activities that take place in the institution
iii) To ensure that the parents are aware of the academic & Co-curricular performances of their wards
iv) To provide a forum for parent member to express their opinions about the performance of the institution and their wards

Composition 2023-24

President: Advocate Purushotham Bhat
Parent Co-Ordinators : Mrs. Sumangala Shetty, Mrs. Shashikala
Faculty Co-ordinators: Mr.Maheshchandra Nayak , Mr.Santhosh Kumar
Faculty members: Dr.Balika Prashanth, Mrs.Ujwala, Mrs.Sharika Rai, Dr.Santhosh Prabhu

Staff representative: Dr.Shubhalakshmi P, Dr.Chandralekha, Dr.Shaheema,
Dr.Annapoorna Shet, Mrs.Deepa Salian, Mr.Shailesh N, Office Superintendent

Report of the Committee 2018-2023